Foto Oficial de Ronnie Nader en traje de entrenamientoFoto Oficial de Ronnie Nader en traje espacial SOKOL KV2
Official pictures of the first Ecuadorian trained astronaut Commander ASA/T Ronnie Nader Bello in flight suit and Sokol KV2 space suit, the only space suit in the world that bears the Ecuadorian flag.

 Ronnie Nader flota con la bandera ecuatoriana, la tricolor
Ronnie Nader, durin zzero G training in Russia

Ronnie Nader, during EVA training in Russia

Historical picture on
May 6 2008, the crew of the EXA-FAE-02 mission with the Ecuadorian flag after they successfully tested the Fuerza-G 1 CONDOR, the first latin american zero-g plane on Ecuadorian sky, From left to right: Tcrn. Tirso Guerra and Marcos Chiluiza, pilots, Astronaut Ronnie Nader, mission commander, Myr. Xavier Coral and Sgto. Juan Nolivos, crew.

The Ecuadorian flag floats for the very first time on Ecuadorian sky on May 6 2008 at 10h12, during EXA-FAE-02 mission, onboard of the Fuerza G1 CÓNDOR

The team of EXA scientists and engineers that developed the project DAEDALUS just before flying the EXA/FAE-01 mission on April 10 2008

Pilot, Myr. Xavier Coral and mission commander astronaut Ronnie Nader celebrate the success of the first aerospace research mission the EXA-FAE-01, when they tested the MGCP and achieved 301 seconds of zero-g for first time in latin american aeronautics history.

EXA/FAE-05 Mission: Microgravity hidrodynamics test, Mission Commander Nader
and Cap. Miño popping out a water ballon at  0.00006G

EXA/FAE-05 Mission: Microgravity hidrodynamics test, this shot taken by the helmet camera
of Com. Nader show the rapid spinning of the water mass a 0.00006G

EXA/FAE-05 Mission: Microgravity hidrodynamics test, this shot taken by the helmet camera
of Com. Nader show the water mass at rest at 0.002G

EXA/FAE-06 mission, the one who established the Microgravity World Record, Jules Nader, 7 years old, flies with the Ecuadorian flag on board of the Fuerza G-1 Cóndor, this picture was published by more than 7000 media around the world.

The EXA/FAE team that gave Ecuador its first scientific world record, on the center the representative of Guinness World Records, MariaMarta Ruano Graham,

EXA delegation during a protocol visit to the Ecuadorian Air Force.

FAE General Commander, Brigadier General Jorge Gabela congratulatesl ASA/T Ronnie Nader

Primer ejercicio aeroespacial en Ecuador
ASA/T Ronnie Nader and  pilot Myr, Xavier Coral just after completing the first aerospace simulation exercise.

Ronnie Nader en la centrifuga TsF18
Ronnie Nader during centrifuge training in the TsF18 on Russia.

Ronnie Nader and his EVA trainers in the GCTC, Rusia.

Ronnie Nader, hours before the launch Soyuz TMA-9 mission on September 18  2006

Entrenamiento de rescate en hekicoptero
Helicopter rescue training.